7 billion people, 5 generations, 1 world – Coming together to prevent climate change.

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The problem with climate change is that it all affects us. Every single person on the planet, 7 billion and counting individuals. We are all in this together, whether you’re being born now or in the next 10 years, or you’re currently 40 years old enjoying a nice cold beer without a worry in the world. Soon, the question of our future will be extremely unpredictable.

All of us are going to see the rise in global wildfires, the rise in sea levels causing floods and the rise in storms due to fluctuations of the Earth’s atmosphere. We will all soon see.

It seems that the climate crisis is all doom and gloom and we’re on a point of no return. Well, if we carry on like this – our business as usual model – then there will indefinitely be a tipping point.

If the tipping point eventually hits humanity around the face, the next hope is to treat it and flatten its curve. A form of mitigating its affects would be the best approach.

In a cruel, but accurate analogy, presume Earth is a cancer patient, very ill and damaged, but at the moment her condition is treatable and the possibility of reversing her illness to the road of recovery is very much still alive. However, if the condition remains untreated for a stretch of time and the cancer (human induced climate change) continues to grow, her condition will worsen and reach a point where the cancer is terminal.

Once this “tipping point” has occurred, lets say the next step of Earth’s treatment is chemotherapy. Chemotherapy may be given with a curative intent, or it may aim to prolong life or to reduce symptoms.

To put into perspective Mother Earths climate crisis symptoms in short terms; 1. The oceans are being killed. 2. Forests will soon be gone. 3. Fertile soil is disappearing. 4. Megafauna risk extermination. 5. Insects are vanishing. 6. Sea levels are rising. 7. Wildfires are becoming increasingly common. 8. Coastal cities are being flooded every year.

These worrying side affects of human induced climate change are extremely concerning. Why do we continue with our business as usual model? Aren’t these 8 (of many symptoms) enough to change our way of life and to come to terms with that the current system in place is broken and has been broken for many years now.

One of the problems in this climate crisis is transferring to a sustainable system, which means radical change in each and everyone of our individual, personal and sacred lives. How do we change our global society when the beginning of this decade holds at least 5 generations who have lived through one of the most active centuries the world has ever seen. All experiencing something different.

We have;

Silent generation – Born 1928 – 45

Boomers – Born 1946 – 64

Generation X – Born 1965 – 1980

Millennials – Born 1981 – 96

Generation Z – Born 1997

These 5 generations clash heads when it comes to opinions, facts, experience and present.

*This isn’t categorizing anyone, it is based off of personal experience when meeting people from different eras. Each person is different, but going off of the above generations, the majority have similar ideologies.

Firstly, one of the most famous climate activists in the world, appearing at the 2018 United Nations Climate Change Conference and confronting the world leaders comes in the form of a 17 year old girl (Generation Z) who goes by the name of Greta Thunberg.

Furthermore, we have a boomer, president of the biggest nation in the world, you may recognize the name – Donald Trump. He has always denied climate change and has labelled it as a hoax. He has also reiterated that he will take the United States out of the 2015 Paris Agreement.

So we have two ends of the spectrum. Total climate activist and a climate denier. How are we supposed to fight for something as a race when there is confusion on who the enemy is, or even if the enemy exists.

Meanwhile, we have Millennials and Generation X. Two generations who were born in a great era of human existence. Just before technology was too dominant where we now depend it on it every day and also were born in a peaceful era such as no wars or global pandemics. A safe zone, no responsibility or thought about the future, great music, a peace movement and able to watch Paul Gascoigne tear up English football.

In terms of climate change, these two generations are on the fence, do we trust our older counterparts who claim that, “We’ve seen it all before this climate change malarkey.” Or do we believe our younger information termites? Some of them of course are their children.

Then we have the generation that feels like they are too old to make a difference anyway. “Ah, I will be long gone before the affects start to emerge, I do not need to worry about it.”

You can’t blame them, in their last days you probably would just want to do the things that is best for yourself.

So here we have it, 5 incredibly different generations with extremely different view points on the subject. Of course, not everyone is the same and there are some boomers, and X’s doing a great job in their bit for the environment whether it is for them or their children.

Everybody disagrees on things, it is part of discussion and human intelligence. It’s fun to disagree, the best conversations come from discussing say; the best football player to have ever lived, are we alone or do we have company in the universe and even the best way to cook pasta. (I’ve had that discussion).

But one thing is for sure, why are we arguing and disagreeing on something that has the potential to wipe out life as we know it.

For example sake, climate change is a hoax, it doesn’t exist. Okay its established, breaking news climate change is fake. Why should this stop us from proceeding a greener way of living?

If GHG emissions do not harm the atmosphere, why can’t we still proceed a greener alternative to living? If climate change doesn’t exist, why do we still have to wipe out ecologies in order to produce fuel? If climate change doesn’t exist, why do we still have to produce plastic? If climate change doesn’t exist, you get the point.

It does exist, heaps of evidence says so. The point is, whats the point in disagreeing. We can spend years arguing about the subject but that won’t get us anywhere. How about we fight for the cause and find out in the process, throw our hands up if one of us is wrong and we move on.

In order to win this battle, great ego’s must be dropped. Ego is the enemy in the fight for climate change. The fundamental question that underlines this article is how do we bring a divided world together in pursuit of a better future, whether you believe climate change is a hoax or not.

What do you think?

Credit: William WandThe Figure Head

Author: The Figure Head

Bringing you all the latest environmental news.

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