The balance between argument and conversation

Too many topics these days spark division among most of us; football, politics, abortion, medical marijuana use, vaccines, the solution to illegal immigration and of course pasta… I mean climate change.

Is it because there are too many people in the world? Too many states and regions within countries that have different laws or is the human race just blessed (or spoiled) with too many avenues of life that one can venture down at their own peril.

No one really knows, I guess we just have 7 billion different brains with 7 billion different opinions, so it can be quite the challenge to all agree on something.

How do we discuss rather than argue about climate change

Simple, how do you feel when you’re cooking and then someone interrupts you and explains the best way to cook that dish, you should try this or that, but in fact it’s no the best way, it’s their way.

The same applies with cooking, learning and other topics. For now, lets talk about people who actually agree that climate change is an issue and does need to be resolved sooner rather than later.

There could be factors that the two of you agree to disagree or worst comes to worse you end up in an argument and get completely turned off the subject. (That has happened to me).

The first step into prolonging a discussion is research on any topic, let alone something that covers the whole globe. The second step (if there is an obvious need for it) is to admit you’re wrong and to be open to new ideas.

Joe Rogan explains it…

Of course, the idea is not to completely diminish the art of a conversation into agreement, but disagreeing followed by a willing to understand why is the key to any discussion. Firstly, (hopefully) both conversationalists are keyed up on sufficient knowledge.

No one has all the correct answers, even Einstein was wrong about gravitational waves. The point is, be open to new ideas, always. Unless it’s football, then Cristiano Ronaldo is the greatest footballer to have ever lived, sorry Lio.

What about denier vs activist?

Two ends of the spectrum, the south to your north and the fire to your water, bound to argue, right?

Just like an atheist and a firm believer of god, you both get annoyed when one of you tells the other person is wrong.

You most certainly get angry when they are trying to shove their beliefs down your throat, you almost feel like they are an extremist with their beliefs or aren’t thinking correctly. I’ll let you decide who that falls upon…

However, if you get a letter through the door regarding the subject or someone hands out a leaflet on the street for you to most likely take a glimpse at and then bin, you’ll feel less antagonized, correct?

Just like learning, its about finding your own way and figuring it out yourself. That leaflet or letter you got through the door is like a seed. The best way to share beliefs on topics to different and opposing minds is to simply plant seeds.

It’s probably best to avoid any conversation when the opposite person completely disagrees and will never be keen to change their mind, which is a sad reality, but some people are.

However, if someone is open to discussion, the best way is to be open to their beliefs aswell as yours, while also planting some seeds of your own. So, not just climate change, but for every subject, always be open to new ideas and then your knowledge will never have a cap.

Anyway, here’s an argument about climate change featuring Joe Rogan.

Credit: William Wand – The Figure Head

Author: The Figure Head

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