Britain bans sale of new gas, diesel and hybrid cars from 2035

In an attempt to reduce CO2 emissions, the government has decided to bring forward the ban 5 years earlier than originally planned (2040). This comes after a lot of pressure has been put on the government to hit the target of emitting virtually zero carbon by 2050. 

This seems very promising, even though we at (TFH) The Figure Head have spoken about the problems that electric cars come with. The production of these cars emits nearly as much carbon emissions as the current petrol and diesel cars. Check out our article ‘“Electric Cars are not the future” if you haven’t done so already!

So, how would this ban work and would it be helpful in any way?

Well, putting it simply, if you want a brand new car, you’ll only be able to buy Hydrogen or Electric cars. There won’t be any regulations on purchasing second-hand cars but, there are rumours of nationwide scrappage schemes aimed at taking the highest polluting vehicles off the road completely. 

With 32 million cars on the road today (most of which are petrol and diesel), it is estimated that there will need to be a minimum of 25 million charging points. This means an immediate increase of charging points from the current 11,000 is absolutely vital to cope with demands. There are even plans to install charging points in lampposts. 

In brief, this is a brave and long-awaited necessary step implemented by the government. 

Here at TFH, we believe this is definitely a positive change. Even though CO2 emitted by the production of the cars is just as damaging as the fossil fuelled counterparts, from thereon, the cars will barely emit any CO2. As long as the energy for the electric cars is sourced in suitable ways using renewable energy, which we know is very possible! 

“The U.K. isn’t alone in its efforts. More than a dozen countries around the world have announced plans to crack down on new sales of gas and diesel vehicles in the next decade or two. France plans to ban the sale of fossil fuel-powered cars by 2040 and Norway’s Parliament has set a non-binding goal that by 2025 all cars should be zero emissions.”

All in all, we think it’s a great bit of positive news. What do you think? 

P.S. Happy St George’s Day! There will be a normal again.

Credit – Jay Whitaker

Sources: NBC News, BBC News

Author: The Figure Head

Bringing you all the latest environmental news.

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