The power of celebrities in the battle against the climate

Celebrities, there seems to be so many of them these days it is hard to keep up with who the next rising star is. You have footballers, singers, actors, politicians and presenters – you name it – the list goes on and on.

Celebrities have more influence over the public than some people in actual positions of power. Celebrities act as idols and who people – especially the young – look up to and aspire to become like.

Cristiano Ronaldo for example, boys of today look at him as the best footballer at this present moment, maybe of all time. They wear his Nike Mercurial boots, copy his many haircuts over the years. Most teenage boys want to play on the forward line to score goals just like him, they even practice his famous free-kick style and shout, “SIII!” if they manage to score.

So much power to influence the behaviour of children and young adults, it would be a waste not to bring a greener factor to your appearance. It is harsh to say that this influence is wasted on people and aspiring kids, because after all, the world needs sportsmen, actors, singers and politicians etc. But, their power could be put to better use, as well as inspiring people to achieve their dreams.

However, there are some current green celebrities who are actually making a difference in the celebrity eco-movement.

Leonardo DiCaprio

Recently purchased a state-of-the-art green condo in New York City, cements his place as one of the leaders in this movement. The home features a fresh filtered air system, an in-house water treatment facility and low emission paints and finishes. Also, it has the more well known element of rotating solar panels.

Cameron Diaz

Like Leo, she was one of the first celebrities to be outspoken about environmental issues. In 2005, she teamed up with MTV for an eco-adventure series called Trippin – a series based on educating people on endangered species, energy consumption and other environmental aspects.

Orlando Bloom

Conserving shower water is just one of the many steps Bloom has taken on behalf of Mother Earth; he traveled to Antarctica with Global Green USA to study the effects of warming on the polar region, and helped launch Global Cool, an organization that seeks to introduce small, simple steps into people’s everyday routines as a means of stopping global warming.

Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt’s philanthropy efforts are admirable not only because of the compassion aspect, but because they keep eco-friendliness in mind. He is in the midst of building 150 affordable and sustainable homes in New Orleans’s Lower 9th Ward area, to house Hurricane Katrina victims in eco-friendly buildings with innovative water collection and recycling systems, all for less than $175,000.

Although these acts of kindness toward the environment are great, they all seem to be behind closed doors and don’t catch the eye of the public, unlike their movies do. So, what about a green themed movie, or environmentally constructed football boots that Ronaldo will tell everyone to wear?

There are so many messages these celebrities could get across to the public, instead of large cooperations buying their time to advertise a can of coke. You get the point, celebs need to unleash their power in pursuit of reaching a greener world.

Lil Dicky – an American rapper and comedian – released a song in April of 2019 called “Earth” highlighting how humans should love the planet and protect it. The song features artists from Ed Sheeran to Snoop Dogg and many more.

Who are your idols and what are their environmental beliefs, if they have any?

Credit: William Wand – The Figure Head

Author: The Figure Head

Bringing you all the latest environmental news.

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