The Green Party – Who are they?

Conservative or Labour – you decide! But why not slip in a third choice, something different to the business as usual. We’ve had all the big guns in power over the years and has any of them really made a difference to our lives?

A difference that stands out among the rest that is so god damn good that they are the best party in all of the UK. The answer is no, there is always some division whoever is elected – so why not vote for a party who’s main priority will in fact affect us all?

In come the Greens…

They aim to create a just, equitable and sustainable society through greener establishments. They are a democratic organisation in which their members decide the policy, therefor opening up the doors to those outside the Westminster Establishment.

The beauty about The Green Party is that their members come from all walks of life; most of them aren’t professional politicians, but they all share a voice in how the policies are written.

You can directly affect this Policy Process by becoming a member – just like any other Westminster Party.

So, lets get down to their core values – What can they bring to our broken society?

  1. They are a social and environmental justice party. They support a radical transformation of society for the benefit of everyone – and of course – the planet. An understanding of the threats to economic, social and environmental well-being all come from the same problem. To solve these problems, you must solve other external dilemmas.
  2. As a race, humans depend on the diversity of the natural world for its existence. *Which is true, everything ever made unless it has been chemically constructed has come from Earth’s resources.
  3. Earth’s resources are finite. A more sustainable society must be built in order for a better and longer future.
  4. Every person should be entitled to basic material security as of right.

There are 6 more values which can be found in The Green Party’s Core Values.

The current system which is based on inequality and exploitation is threatening the future of our planet on which we depend on. It is encouraging reckless and environmentally damaging consumerism.

Why is so hard to understand that Earth’s resources will run out in the future, and then what do we do? Why is it so hard to act now and get moving in the same direction? This is the reason why we need a environmentally based party with the best interests of the people (even if they don’t know it yet).

We will be wishing we voted for The Green Party, as they say in PB101…

“Only after the last tree has been cut down,
Only after the last river has been poisoned,
Only after the last fish has been caught,
Only then will you find that money cannot be eaten.”

To find out more about their political philosophy

So, If you’re bored with business as usual, maybe it’s time for a new, modern and benevolent democratic organisation? With the potential to unleash a green economic and social revolution and backed by English singer and song writer Liam Gallagher, Green Party could very well be the solution we all need. For many years Green Party did not have a leader, but with the soar in interests of a better climate, they now have two in the form of Sian Berry and Jonathan Bartley.

The Greens are a left wing eco-socialist party who began life in the mid- 1970s as the Ecology Party which had its main objective to solely protect the environment. However, it didn’t have a representative in the Commons until 2010 when Ms Lucas won the seat of Brighton Pavilion. The Green Party, who are gaining a positive reputation as they had its most successful European election earlier this year, grew its MEPs from three to seven and the party is planning to enter candidates in 369 out of the 650 constituencies. A few milestones reached in the last decade for The Greens.

If you’re dreaming of a government that merges aspects of socialism with green politics and ecology then it would not be deemed a wasteful vote, but you may have to wait a decade to see some substantial changes in pursuit of a green(er) government. If you’re happy with what your party is currently doing for your own well-being and believe a greener government will come either way, then voting for The Green Party could be the wrong choice.

If you simply aren’t interested in the nature of politics, it will still impact your life either way and If you feel like you don’t belong in either Conservative or Labour (or the rest),  it wouldn’t be the worst idea to vote for The Greens.

What do you think? Time for a change?

Credit: William Wand – The Figure Head

Author: The Figure Head

Bringing you all the latest environmental news.

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