CleanMyBeach – The new app dedicated to beach clean-ups.

Humans have produced an estimated amount of over 6,950,000,000 tons of plastic since the 1950s, out of which approximately “9% of which had been recycled, 12% was incinerated, and 79% was accumulated in landfills or the natural environment.” (Geyer, Jambeck, Law).

Several million tons of non-degradable plastics arrive in the ocean each year, polluting it at a rapid rate and adversely affecting the aquatic life that interacts with it. As plastic makes its way back to the shore, it interferes with human life as well.

Several organizations around the world organize beach cleanups in their area to mitigate the issue of plastic pollution and trash that makes its way onto beaches, but they struggle to make large-scale change.

That’s where CleanMyBeach comes in.

CleanMyBeach is a robust application that streamlines the process of organizing and finding community beach clean-ups. The application allows individuals and organizations worldwide to interact with members of their local communities through public beach cleanups, increasing the scope and influence of any beach cleanups that are completed through visual integration with Google Maps.

Through its promotion of cleanliness, recycling, facts about ocean pollution, and tips to minimize pollution, the app also increases awareness on the detrimental effects of pollution on aquatic life.

CleanMyBeach serves to benefit a wide range of people and organizations through its beach cleanups. Aside from the practical benefits of beach cleanups for the environment, ocean cleanliness, and marine animal health; beach cleanups are a powerful tool for a community, by uniting members over a shared goal of improving the environment and their own land.

Cities and schools benefit through the fostered sense of responsibility the app creates for taking care of the earth and our land among children and adults alike, leading to an increased level of sanitation and a decrease in acts such as littering.

CleanMyBeach has already made a mark on the environmentalism stage. It won the Congressional App Challenge in Hawaii’s First Congressional District, and has been featured in numerous publications internationally, including SurferToday, Breaking Asia, and Deeper Blue.

Moving forward, CleanMyBeach is focused on combating pollution on a larger scale. As the organization continues to partner with nonprofit organizations, it is also focused on bringing more young people to the cause. The next step is leveraging existing partnerships to start an ambassador program that mobilizes young people by offering volunteer hours in exchange for making a positive impact on the environment and spreading the word in their own communities. 

Organizations that regularly host beach cleanups or other community cleanup events: if you are interested in discussing the impact that this application can have on your efforts, please contact CleanMyBeach at: and check out

Credit: Arjun Sharma

Author: The Figure Head

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