Environmental issues: seeing through the lens of the disenfranchised.

Environmental issues of today should be seen through the lens of the disenfranchised or those who support the rights of the disenfranchised.

In a discussion held online given the current climate, Poovulagin Nanbargal highlighted that the archaic and traditional ways of thinking about politics – left and right wing – in society should be sidestepped.

When people discuss left and right wing politics, it can become draining and there will also be centrists. There is never a right answer and politics is all in all just based on ones opinion that fits a particular political agenda/narrative.

When viewing society in a horizontal manner, we must think about society in terms of circles – with power coming from the centres and then the disenfranchised – who cannot attain power – go close to the power circles. Those against them are the power centres – they have the power and they make the law.

The reason why viruses such as the one we are experiencing cause diseases such as COVID-19 are spreading is due to the increase in contact between man and wildlife.

The unfortunate takeover of land of the wildlife has only exacerbated this problem. This is the reason why viruses are being transmitted and we need to re-think our political models to prevent further mishaps like this one.

Large scale deforestation, setting up industries and laying roads in areas we all know is morally wrong which is one of the sole reasons we are coming into contact with these animals and lets not get started on wildlife trade for bush-meat and wet-markets.

The powers that currently govern are consistently making laws that only provide an advantage for the ruling class. For example, India’s PM Narendra Modi’s announcement that India should be self-reliant to kick the economy after lockdown which came under confusion whether it was aimed at economic migrants or not.

In reality, they are talking about privatising airports and private participation in space exploration research. This begs the question that what has this elitist privatisation of airports and exploration research got anything to do with stopping the spread of COVID-19.

Furthermore, the reason why large scale protests haven’t taken place across the land to protest policies against the exploitation of nature is due to the lack of ideological understanding of environmental issues.

Once this happens, people could very well begin to speak up against environmental degradation without organisation or a party leadership.

In contradiction to this article, some may believe that it is not just issues of the elite when talking about environmental issues – it is the duty of everyone. Hence, the upcoming and more frequent political parties devoted to the environment.

Overtime, the middle class have developed a world view in support of the power centres but political parties should make them see the value of supporting the disenfranchised.

Credit: William Wand – The Figure Head

Author: The Figure Head

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