Quick read: Covid-19’s positive impact on the environment – Hit or run?

With the easing of lockdown in full swing and the environment temporarily benefiting from the reduce in activity of industries such as transport and the airline industry, will governments go back to business as usual to get things up and running in a cost efficient manor? Or will there be new environment regulations to maintain the drop to reach our 2050 goals. The pandemic gives us a great opportunity to begin our road to the green recovery.

During May which was towards the end of the peak of lockdown restrictions, Earth’s atmosphere hit a record in carbon dioxide emissions as the pandemic brought the world’s economies to a standstill.

The drop in emissions worldwide due to the pandemic was estimated at a staggering 26% in some countries during the peak of restriction orders.

In a ‘normal’ world – whatever that term may mean – would usually take carbon dioxide reductions of 20 – 30% for 6 – 12 months to slow the rate of environmental impacts from carbon emissions globally.

With the total ‘positive’ impact of the coronavirus on the environment, CO2 emissions look to hit a yearly 7% reduction worldwide compared to 2019. This acts as a massive boost when we start to bring the Paris agreement into account

However, it may look like we have hit a decrease of CO2 in our atmosphere, but all it has done has theoretically decreased the rate of increase – so it is still increasing, but a tad slower.

Usually, May is the peak in carbon dioxide emissions, which over the last few years, the world hasn’t seen these sort of emissions in several million years.

Will you alter your principles after the lockdown?

Credit: William Wand – The Figure Head

Author: The Figure Head

Bringing you all the latest environmental news.

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